Our credentials within executive search across financial services governance and controls are exceptional.  We believe that executing a successful search is as much of an art as it is a science.  Our methodology is transparent. Our network is unrivalled. Our commentary and reporting are insightful.  Our approach is based on treating everyone with whom we interact with respect and neutrality, in the interest of providing the best possible end results to our clients.  We use research, experience, networking and intuition to ensure that we provide a world-class service every time we run an assignment.

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Leadership Assessment & Development

Against the backdrop of busy markets, evolving industries, and demanding regulators, we have witnessed that an ongoing challenge for our clients is in identifying, assessing, managing and developing leadership-quality talent in these mission-critical functions. Seeking a way to solve this problem for our clients, we work in exclusive partnership with Leadenhall Consulting, a specialist talent consultancy, run by accomplished HR professionals.  We have co-designed a leadership attribute framework focussed specifically on the governance and control functions, with criteria spanning technical, business, leadership and people skills.

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Market Intelligence

Who are the leaders guiding our strongest competitors?  What are the next likely career moves? What keeps them awake at night?  What makes them special?  These are some of the questions our clients ask themselves daily, and the answers can guide decision making around senior hiring in profound ways.  Our 'Perspectives' reports are detailed, insightful and designed to be read and absorbed at board-level.

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Networking & Events

We have been running breakfast events for several years now.  We ensure that every event is intimate and informative, and that our guests enjoy the topic, the breakfast and the opportunity to network with their peers in the industry.  Topics covered include the Senior Managers Regime; Succession Planning; Conduct Risk; Leadership and Talent Development and Information Security.

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Specialist Executive Coaching

As experts in the governance and controls across financial services, we are able to provide coaching services for executives who are either working in specialist functions or senior manager with governance, control and leadership accountabilities across the business.

Leading in regulated financial institutions is increasingly challenging.  As well as running a profitable business in a competitive, complex and changing sector, senior leaders have an increasing range of governance and risk responsibilities.

We have developed a small and select cadre of masters qualified executive coaches, led by Gary Storer (see full biography on Our Team page), our Executive Coaching & Development Practice Lead, to support senior people in this way. Our coaches has extensive experience of coaching senior managers, as well as deep experience of working in financial services, and an understanding of risk and governance.

Our confidential, personal and bespoke coaching service can be used to strengthen leadership skills, provides time for reflection and planning, and helps to develop personal resources and approaches to tackle the challenges of leadership in risk and governance.

Some of the ways in which executive coaching can help include:

- Transitioning into a new leadership role

- Taking on risk and governance accountabilities

- Moving into a NED role

- Leading the top time through a time of change

- Driving culture and organisational change

- Turning around a function of business

- Leading remediation and rectification programmes

- Managing relationships with regulators, shareholders and NEDs