Executive Search

Executive Search

We have provided world-class executive search services to companies within the financial services industry since 1988. Our mission has always been to strengthen the governance of the financial services industry though the facilitation of outstanding leadership hires in these areas, against the backdrop of an intense and evolving regulatory environment.

As the ‘go-to’ boutique within the governance, regulatory and controls functions, our credentials within our specialist fields are exceptional. Our culture and heritage is built upon values of integrity, tenacity, and inspiration. Our methodology is transparent; our commentary and reporting are insightful. Our network is unrivalled, and our influence is acknowledged.

We believe that executing a successful search is as much of an art as it is a science. Our approach is based on treating everyone with whom we interact with respect and neutrality, in the interest of providing the best possible end results to our clients. All our projects are retained and we use research, experience, networking and intuition to ensure that we provide a world-class, comprehensive and refined service every time we run an assignment.

Process is critical. Search mandates are run to strict timescales, and are managed by an in-house team including our Directors and our Head of Research. Client reporting as the search progresses is in-depth and informative, to allow for close collaboration based on a shared understanding of market context. Crucially, we are well-known and trusted by our network of contacts, and consequently can obtain preferential access to the most talented and respected individuals in the industry, whether in search of established leaders or emerging talent.

Executive Search

“The firm epitomises the manner in which we expect search firms to engage with the market on our behalf. They become a natural extension of our business, providing insights to ensure quality and cultural fit during the selection process.”

Head of HR, UK Asset Management Group

Board-Level Search

Aligned and complementary to our activities in Executive Search, our Board Search Practice is a crucial component of our business. We leverage our broad network to help a wide range of financial services businesses appoint the most suitable and effective INEDs in the market, whether as generalists or to chair specific committees.

The role of independent non-executive directors on the boards of UK-regulated financial services companies has evolved considerably in recent years, and we recognise the pressure placed on boards by the external audience and shareholders is at an all-time high. Today’s INEDs are expected to make a substantial contribution to their boards, walking a tightrope between maintaining good governance and enabling business growth.

Our firm is uniquely well-positioned to operate within this challenging and exclusive area, and our reputation as an operator and influencer at board-level is growing. Our long-standing relationships, market knowledge, and ability to ask the right questions based on experience, give us access to some of the most senior and talented INEDs in the industry. We help candidates and clients alike to understand their regulatory obligations, navigating the issue of increased accountability for independent directors, whilst addressing the pressing need for cognitive diversity on boards, and carefully avoiding conflicts of interest.

The ability to appoint the best people to these boards is therefore of fundamental importance to the health of the wider business but also the functioning of the board itself. Our methodology when it comes to board-level search mirrors that of our Executive Search Practice. We are methodical in our research, creative in networking, and tenacious and credible in engaging with our audience. Above all, we align our output to our clients’ requirements, recognising that no two requirements are alike, except when it comes to their strategic importance.

“This assignment was handled immaculately from start to finish, and the quality of your introductions was excellent. It has been a pleasure to partner with your firm and we look forward to doing so again in due course.”

Senior Independent Director, FTSE 250 Wealth Management Group

Talent Mapping & Market Intelligence

Through our extensive search industry experience, we understand the executive hiring process from start to finish, and the pressure that our clients are under nowadays to deploy their time and hiring budgets wisely and efficiently. Accordingly, our talent mapping and market intelligence services provide clients with cost-effective and uniquely well-informed, targeted research into our specialist disciplines, spanning people, companies, sectors and trends.

We differ from many talent mapping and market intelligence firms in the industry. Rather than taking a generalist approach, we are proven experts in the governance, regulatory and controls functions. This ensures that the information we are able to provide to our clients goes far beyond raw data and provides genuinely insightful market context, aiding people-oriented decision-making by hiring managers and HR professionals.

Our research and the presentation thereof is geared towards guiding our clients quickly to the very best potential outcomes, by clearly outlining their options and the broader context to certain sets of circumstances, whether the aim is to make one or several hires.

Case Study

  • A highly successful UK asset management group sought a successor for their long-serving and soon-to-retire Chief Compliance Officer. The firm hoped to appoint an experienced leader capable of modernising and leading a value-adding compliance function that would support further growth whilst improving relations with the regulator.
  • Given a long time had passed since the firm’s last senior compliance hire, our client mandated a talent mapping and market intelligence project in order to review compliance leadership talent across both the asset management and investment banking industries, particularly given the lessons learnt by banking compliance functions since the crisis.
  • Our comprehensive review of the talent market, profiling more than 70 potential compliance leaders for consideration, alongside a substantial update on recent market trends and compensation data, provided exceptional context for a subsequent search exercise. This ultimately resulted in an optimised hiring outcome for the business.
A Sample of Our Track Record: Global Chief Compliance Officer, FTSE100 Global Asset Manager Group Chief Risk Officer, FTSE250 Wealth Manager Group Head of Internal Audit, Prominent UK Asset Manager/ Pension Scheme Independent Chair of the European Board, Japanese Corporate Bank EMEA & APAC Chief Compliance Officer, £500bn AUM UK Asset Manager Independent Chair of the Board, Financial Planning Network UK Chief Compliance Officer, Global Custodian Bank International Chief Risk Officer, US$1trn AUM US Asset Manager Europe Head of Internal Audit, US$5trn AUM US Asset Manager INED / Chair of the Risk Committee, Japanese Investment Bank EMEA Head of Compliance – Alternatives, US$1.5trn AUM US Asset Manager EMEA Chief Risk Officer, US$1.5trn AUM US Asset Manager EMEA Head of Internal Audit, Japanese Investment Bank INED / Chair of the Remuneration Committee, US$60bn AUM Asset Manager Director of Regulatory Liaison, Prominent UK Asset Manager Global Head of Investment Risk, FTSE100 Global Asset Manager UK Head of Financial Services Internal Audit Practice, Major Consultancy INED / Chair of the Risk & Governance Committee, Major Investment Platform Head of Regulatory Affairs, Big Four Accounting Firm Global Head of Enterprise Risk, Prominent Global Asset Manager Group Finance Director, Prominent Global Asset Manager INEDS for Board of UK Fund Company, Japanese Asset Management Group Head of Investment Compliance Advisory, Prominent UK Asset Manager Europe Head of Operational Risk, Global Corporate Bank Europe Chief Financial Officer, Prominent Global Private Equity Firm INED / Chair of the UK Audit & Compliance Committee, Indian Banking Group Head of Distribution Compliance, FTSE100 Global Asset Manager Head of Regulatory Risk and Compliance, Major UK Life Company Group Head of Finance, FTSE250 UK Asset Manager General Counsel / Chief Compliance Officer, Niche Hedge Fund Head of Risk and Compliance, Multi-Family Investment Officer INED / Chair of the Europe Corporate Governance Committee, MENA Banking Group Head of Risk & Compliance, Niche Hedge Fund Chief Risk Officer – Wealth & Platforms, FTSE100 Global Asset Manager UK Head of Financial Crime, Global Custodian Bank EMEA Head of Financial Crime, Global Custodian Bank Head of CASS Oversight, FTSE250 UK Asset Manager Big Four Regulatory Consulting Director, UK Asset Management Practice