Diversity Matters

Diversity Matters

We are a values-driven organisation who firmly believe in treating all candidates, and indeed all people with whom we interact, in and outside of our business, with care and respect. Diversity has always been central to our search practice, and in an industry that is evolving but remains male-dominated at senior levels, we are proud to say that in the last two years, 35 percent of candidates shortlisted for searches we have run have been female.

As well as proactively addressing statistical diversity, we are aligned with the financial services industry in believing strongly in the importance of cognitive diversity across organisations. Hiring and promoting a diversity of people across all criteria is therefore essential to the effectiveness of our client organisations and the proper functioning of their boards. We therefore actively discuss diversity with each of our clients for all searches.

“If diversity is the desired outcome, inclusion must be the act. At its core, achieving greater diversity by addressing under-representation across a range of factors is simply the right thing to do, both morally and ethically. However, there is also, helpfully, a business imperative that is increasingly hard to ignore.”

General Counsel, AIM-listed Wealth Management / Fintech Firm

Crucially, our selection process is always based on the talent and suitability of individuals considered. We seek to ensure that this results in the provision of fair, objective and search processes that always reflect the diversity of business society as a whole.

Halsey Keetch is an active member of / in contact with some of the industry’s major diversity and inclusion initiatives, including the Diversity Project, The International Women’s Forum, Women on Boards and Investment2020.

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