Our Book Club

Halsey Keetch Book Club

We launched the Halsey Keetch Book Club in Autumn 2018 to great success, meeting with our members quarterly either virtually or in person in London.

Thus far, we have enjoyed titles as diverse as ‘Wilful Blindness’, ‘Utopia for Realists’ and ‘Lying for Money’, and look forward to many more, including ‘The Salt Path’, ‘Shoot For The Moon’, and ‘The Age of Surveillance Capitalism’.

The idea came to us when talking amongst ourselves about the stack of books that sit on our bedside tables, crying out to be read, if only work and family commitments would allow the time to do so.

Considering the power of the ideas and thoughts therein, on subjects including the Global Financial Crisis, issues facing modern society such as inequality, discrimination, and crime, techniques for professional success, and wellness issues such as mental health in the workplace, we decided that a book club would be a great way of bringing our network together and making reading an aspect of our work.

I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library…

Jorge Luis Borges

Research shows that the best way to remember new ideas and put them into action is for you to share your thoughts and ideas with others.

Accordingly, we were not surprised to discover that when professionals get together to discuss a book, they tend to improve relationships, engage in powerful conversations, clarify their thinking on key issues, challenge their own assumptions on given topics, and further invest time and resources in their own professional development.

To find out how it works, and to get involved, please contact us.