We are delighted to launch our new website, developed with the assistance, time, patience and expertise of Linda Russheim and Zoe Negus.

The site perfectly reflects the character of our company today and the evolution of the business since our rebrand in early 2015.  It also conveys the passion we have for our work, and our continued specialism and expertise when it comes to the governance, regulatory and controls functions across financial services.  Linda and Zoe, who worked extensively on the build of the site, say:  

HT Financial Marketing and Zoe Negus Web Design partnered with the team at Halsey Keetch to develop a unique website, with an authentic tone of voice and beautiful design that allows the user to not only clearly understand what Halsey Keetch does, but also their interesting heritage and individual culture.

Halsey Keetch paid great attention to detail on every level from imagery, to text, to layout. This has resulted in not only a beautiful website but one that reflects their passion for the business.”

Our mission, when we took over the business almost five years ago, was to secure our position as a uniquely well-networked, specialist search firm, focused on the compliance, risk, audit and finance functions across the financial services industry.  Our vision was to become the ‘go-to’ firm in this space; it is exciting to have gone as far as we have towards achieving this goal, and each year we find ourselves in the privileged position of managing some of the industry’s most missioncritical mandates. Our Board Practice has also been highly active, helping a variety of clients to attract a diverse range of suitably accomplished independent directors onto their boards.  

We believe that building a great company takes time, energy, patience and passion, and we put a huge amount of all of these into our working relationships, getting to know people as individuals, and bringing them together at our monthly events and book club meetings.  Please take a look at the new site and do get in touch if you would like to connect: it would be a pleasure to hear from you.