Social & Corporate Responsibility

Social & Corporate Responsibility

We believe in giving back, and having a positive impact on the business environment in which we operate is a core value of ours. We are committed to sponsoring local initiatives, and to supporting charities both within our own industry and beyond. 

  • Every year we sponsor one chosen initiative in the community. In 2019 we provided a local football club with 250 winter jackets.
  • Our company supports one charity per year. In 2020, we have also become a founding member of the Diversity Project Charity, which has been recently set up to ‘support inclusion and diversity across all dimensions in the UK’s investment and savings sectors and related activities’.
  • Our Directors and employees are encouraged to participate in volunteer activities that are aligned to their own personal beliefs and goals, some of which are really memorable experiences. In 2017, our Founding Director, Caroline Keetch walked 100km along the South Coast, and raised over £7,000 for St George’s Hospital Charity.
Social And Corporate Responsibility


As a specialist business in the financial services industry, we produce and use corporate brochures to support our work and to communicate with our network. We also publish an annual magazine, which we love to do and which is very well received by the industry. In short, we love print! However, we recognise the importance of managing and reducing the environmental impact of our operations. 

  • We work with Optichrome, a print and digital company whose entire factory prioritises environmental concerns and who are one of only a handful of UK printers to be registered by the European Commission’s EMAS for their performance and transparency in this regard. We work closely with Optichrome who advise us on sustainable papers, and on obtaining FSC© certification for our print work.

Transparency & Behaviour

We support our clients in hiring leaders into mission critical business functions. The impact of each and every mandate we handle is real, and we must work in partnership with our clients to achieve the best outcome in every assignment we handle. 

  • Executive search is a human business, and it’s important to us that our clients know who we are as a company, what we stand for and how we treat all of those with whom we interact.
  • We take the time required to document and carefully articulate ourselves throughout every process that we are selected to work on. We are committed to this transparency of research and communication.
  • We are only successful at what we do if we treat everyone we interact with respectfully, and stay in close contact with those we are working with and for. We simply ask for the same back in return.


All people matter. We take pride in having an equal, inclusive and safe business environment and we do everything we can to ensure our team feel valued, heard, supported and respected. 

  • Today, our team is diverse, made up of men and women aged between 36 and 71.
  • As outlined above, we are a value-driven organisation who believe in treating all the people with whom we interact, in and outside of our business with care and respect.
  • We take care to ensure that our commitment to diversity and inclusion in all our work is reflected through our research and methodology in general.