Covid-19 Response

Our Covid-19 Response

During this unusual and challenging period for all facets of society and business, we remain committed to supporting our clients in their vital governance, regulatory and controls hiring activities.

Our firm has been busy and active during this time and we are running our processes in as close to a normal fashion as possible, including adhering to our standard assessment methodology and timescales. Further information on the expected impact of Covid-19 to the search process can be found in the ‘Practical Guidance for Clients’ document below.

Needless to say, face-to-face meetings are not possible at present, and along with everyone else at this time, we are making energetic use of videoconference meeting facilities, both to stay in touch with clients and to continue to meet with our network of contacts, old and new. Please also see below for some helpful tips on successfully conducting interviews via VC, whether on the ‘interviewer’ or ‘interviewee’ side of the discussion.

Throughout this complex and evolving period we are at our clients’ and contacts’ disposal to discuss any matter relating to the industry, their own individual circumstances, or our current, pending and potential assignments. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything we can do to help.

Covid-19 Response

Practical Guidance For Clients

We are privileged to remain busy through this phase of uncertainty, assisting a range of clients with essential senior governance, regulatory and controls hiring at executive- and board-level.

Every situation we encounter is unique, and every set of circumstances surrounding a particular hire requires a bespoke response. Handling appointments with care, attention, rigour and tenacity has become our hallmark over more than three decades in operation.

Covid-19 has dramatically changed the way in which we all work, interact and run our businesses and lives. Despite the enormity of the challenge that we all face, this also brings with it the opportunity to work more closely together, with greater empathy and understanding, and to make permanent positive changes to our industry and to the lives of those who work within it.

The PDF here provides some guidance from our perspective on the practical planning and management of search processes during the Covid-19 lockdown phase and beyond.

Advice On Virtual Interviewing

We thought it would be helpful to provide some pointers on the increasingly prevalent art of virtual discussions / interviewing via VC.

We have organised, coordinated and taken feedback on thousands of interviews, both virtual and in person, over the course of our careers. With this in mind, we have compiled some tips to share based on the protocols that are emerging as ‘best practice’ in this important aspect of modern business life in action.

The text in this document is aimed predominantly at helping interviewees prepare and make a positive impression virtually, but this same advice may be equally useful for clients wishing to get the most out of virtual conversations.