Executive Search

We are the go-to search firm in the industry for executive search within the governance and controls functions, and we have placed some of the most talented individuals within financial services.

We believe that a successful search service is as much of an art, as it is a science. Our clients put their trust in us to select and introduce individuals who are culturally aligned to the organisations they join. They must be technically strong and experienced, of an enquiring mind, intelligent and capable of building strong relationships at all levels within an organisation.

From in-depth research, screening, reporting, introductions and interviews, through to offer negotiation, placement and post-placement advisory services, we guarantee a comprehensive and refined service.

Process is critical. Search assignments are run to strict timescales, and are managed by an in-house team consisting of a Director or Lead Consultant, and a dedicated researcher. All aspects of the search are managed by this team to ensure consistency of communication and quality from start to finish.

We use robust and in-depth research, combined with experience, networking and intuition to ensure that we provide a world-class service every time we run an assignment. Our reporting is in-depth and informative, and we share our research with our clients as each search unfolds, to allow for vital input and collaboration on both sides. Crucially, we are also well-known, trusted and liked by our network of contacts and, as a result, we have access to the most talented individuals in the industry. We always go the extra mile to ensure a fantastic result.


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Board-level Search

We recognise that the pressure placed on boards of directors by internal and external stakeholders is at an all-time high, because of the increased focus on risk and regulation across the financial services industry. As such, the role of the NED and the pressures they face have changed significantly in recent years. The ability to appoint the best people to those same boards is of fundamental importance, both to overall board effectiveness and wider business health.

We help our clients to find the most effective NEDs in the market. Our firm is uniquely well-positioned in this challenging area, as our firm’s legacy, network, relationships and reputation, give us access to some of the most senior and accomplished individuals in the industry.

Our Non-Executive Search practice is led by Mike Gostick. Mike Gostick has thirty years of financial services HR leadership experience, including as HR Director for Legal & General Investment Management and Gartmore and, as such, has extensive experience when it comes to understanding the needs of organisations seeking talented individuals to carry out demanding board-level roles. Mike works closely with Caroline Keetch on every assignment, to ensure a world-class service is provided around these critical appointments.

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Search ‘Light’

Increasingly, our clients are finding it hard to identify and attract talent at mid-senior levels. Contingency agencies can find it hard to run these crucial appointments but, typically, search firms will be unwilling to work on projects at this less senior level. We are able to bridge the gap.

Using search methodologies and our extensive network, we can help our clients to find that rare operational management resource, where non-retained methods have been unsuccessful. Our work in these areas is retained but we ensure that we structure our fees to reflect the less senior nature of the appointments

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