Against the backdrop of busy markets, evolving businesses, and demanding regulators, we have witnessed that an ongoing challenge for our clients and contacts across the governance and controls functions is in identifying, assessing, managing, and developing leadership-quality talent in these busy areas.

  • General talent shortage caused by industry growth and increased complexity
  • Larger teams require capable people managers to effectively coordinate activities and support wider businesses
  • Increased pressure from regulators has dramatically changed and expanded the remit and responsibility of governance roles
  • Wide-ranging pressure faced by governance professionals to be ‘policemen’ & ‘technical specialists’ vs. ‘trusted advisors’ & ‘commercially-minded’
  • Organisation-wide remit managed by governance professionals covering culture, conduct, controls, monitoring & systems, requiring strategic thinking, influencing skills and substantial credibility – effectively a ‘general management’ skill set          
  • Time constraints on senior management vs. meeting regulatory obligations lead to a shortage of ‘thinking time’ on talent issues

Seeking a way to solve this problem for our clients, we have entered into an exclusive partnership with Leadenhall Consulting to combine highly developed functional knowledge with leading-edge HR expertise, at this pivotal time in the evolution of the financial services industry’s mission-critical controls disciplines. Leadenhall Consulting is an established specialist HR consultancy and coaching practice, run by highly experienced and accomplished former financial services industry HR professionals.

Our Framework

With Leadenhall we have designed a leadership model and framework focused specifically on the control functions, with sophisticated methods for assessing and developing internal and external talent against that model. This new framework will reflect current 'post-post-crisis' / fast-evolving market conditions, where the quality of people within governance functions is of paramount importance.

We have linked Our Framework to the Hogan Personality Assessment Suite, to enable the personality profiles of individuals and teams to be mapped against it for evaluation and development purposes.


Framework Applications

  • Establishing a common language for defining effective leadership within the governance functions
  • Looking at the abilities and traits of team members to find ways to strengthen the capabilities of the team.
  • Engaging in development conversations and career planning
  • Building personal and management development programmes based on core aspects of Our Framework.
  • Using Our Framework for defining role requirements and identifying the right talent through evaluation of internal and external candidates using framework-linked Hogan Assessments.